Before I said am I right ladies to my dad and he got mad

Is buying A skirt with cats on it tacky, ladies?
Why is topshop so expensive most times…please…
How about... Misfits, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Scrubs or Gossip Girl?

Maybe orange is the new black

Honestly I love shows like l*st and the w*lking dead. Like where they all have to band together and become friends and help each other live in their tiny group. MY FAVORITE TYPE OF SHOW HONESTLY I LIVE FOR IT!

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avatar: the last airbender. or the office. or parks and recreation

I don’t like shows like the office or parks and rec sorry. maybe the other one. how many episodes are there is it rlly rlly long



Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.

Ariana is not made to look like a child. She is simply a 5’0 petite Italian girl with little figure. She can wear whatever the fuck she wants. She’s not appropriating anyone’s culture like the rest of your problematic faves so stay in your lane bitch. Y’all are the ones who are saying she looks like a child and sexualising her at the same time. If you feel creepy about it then you are are the creepy one and you need to reevaluate your life choices. 

What’s a tv show I should watch


me: *snapchats dana a pic of the floor*
dana: *screenshots it*


Chantelle Young
Photographer: Nick Kngiht


no makeup wit my Bebe shirt stunting on u hos 😘😩😂😂


no makeup wit my Bebe shirt stunting on u hos 😘😩😂😂


Why are u sighing